Michael Brown - Principal


My Qualifications

I attended the University of Dayton and earned my B.S. in Elementary Education, grades K-8, along with a Minor in Social Studies.  I then returned to the University of Dayton and earned my M.S. in Educational School Leadership with a focus on Catholic education.  Additionally, I hold educator and principal licenses from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  I have served in Catholic education for over 29 years as a teacher and principal.

My Teaching Philosophy

While at the University of Dayton, I was taken by the university's strong Marianist tradition and focus on community.  Being a part of and building community within a school/parish is one of the major reasons I have stayed in Catholic education my entire career.  Jesus worked tirelessly to bring people together throughout his ministry.  I believe that once a community is developed, whether in a classroom or school community, students and families will work together for a common purpose and mission.

Why do I choose to be a principal at St. Joe's?

Throughout my career, I have worked at various types of Catholic schools.  I have learned that my most enjoyable times have been when I have worked in smaller Catholic schools.  There is such dedication and commitment to each other in smaller schools, and even though I have only been a part of this community for a short period of time, I can already feel the strong sense of unity within the St. Joe's family.

Fun Facts about Me

This past year I took a sabbatical from being a Catholic school educator and earned my Commercial Drivers License from Waukesha County Technical College.  I drove over 80,000 miles, traveling through 30 states.  It was a great way to experience many different parts of our country and reflect on my life's past and future endeavors.  I also have found a love for writing over the past 10 years and have self-published a few short books online that I have used for retreats and other professional development opportunities.

What Others are Saying about Mr. Brown

"Michael was one of the best principals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  I was taken by his ability to engage and connect with staff, students, parents, and community leaders."

"Dynamic is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Michael.  His innate teaching ability and love for children are two of his strongest attributes."

"Michael gives of himself without hesitation.  He balances liveliness with reliability and common-sense stability.  His respect and love for his students, peers, and his work is evident, undeniable, and extremely contagious."

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