Wendy Muller - Art Teacher

My Qualifications

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and a Master of Art degree in Teaching from George Williams College.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that students are capable of doing great artwork at any age, and my job is to inspire, empower, and guide them to think and work like artists.  I facilitate and give students opportunities to create and solve problems.  I believe in getting them out of their comfort zone.  I help students gain the skills they need to share their ideas effectively and make art that is meaningful to them.  I challenge students to try new things and look at the world in different ways, but always coming back to seeing God in the beauty that surrounds. 

Why do I teach at St. Joe's?

The closeness and supportive families make teaching at St. Joseph's a delight.  There is always a willingness to solve problems and help each other out.

Fun Facts about Me

Biking and swimming are my year-round activities.  I also love to see the hockey games my son coaches.  I am looking forward to seeing my new grandson soon and hope to have many fun stories to share.

What Others are Saying about Ms. Muller

"Ms. Muller is great because she gives the kids meaningful art lessons and projects using all sorts of media like charcoal pencils, paints, oil crayons, and on!  Our daughter is always excited to show us the new skills she learned in her class."

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