Blessed is She

It is challenging to be a woman in today’s culture. Even more challenging? To be a Catholic woman. With the ever mounting pressure to conform to mainstream society, it is easy for us to forget that it is in our distinction as Catholic women that we are truly beautiful- the true daughters of a loving Father. It is easy for us to forget that our worth lies in the endless love God has for us, not in Instagram likes. It is easy for us to forget that God calls us to be faithful and open to His movement of grace in our lives, not obsessed with perfection and our own narrow plans. But there is hope, because we are certainly not alone on this journey as we wade through the challenges of this life.

Women need community. We need fellow sisters in faith that will help direct our pathway to Heaven. We need those who will point us towards the beauty of the Divine and the one source of Truth. Blessed is She is a Catholic women’s community committed to deepening lives of prayer through daily Scripture devotionals and providing a supportive sisterhood. We grow together as we share the Word of God and dive deeper to understand what makes us the called and consecrated women He calls us to be.

Sister, are you willing and open to respond to God’s calling? Are you ready to be courageous and step forward in faith? Are you prepared to become part of this blessed community of women,  pointing towards the Divine and a Eucharistic life? We invite women of all ages and stages (college and up) to join us in prayer on Blessed is She nights here at St. Josephs in Big Bend. Nights will include a variety of offerings, usually centered around a speaker and including small group discussion.

In essence, these nights are to cater to what the women of this parish (and hopefully, beyond) truly need; the love of Jesus, His true presence in the Eucharist and the support of friends in faith that are always pointing us back to HIM. Please join us for Blessed is She on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except June, July & August) at 7pm in the Day Chapel. We look forward to seeing you there and are praying for you. For more information, please click here.