Christian Formation Ministry (CFM)


Forming a community of Christ's disciples

YDM - the Youth Discipleship Ministry (formerly CFM) provides religious education for the parish community. While parents are the primary educators of their children, the entire community of St. Joseph shares the responsibility to foster faith development and a sense of belonging. YDM, in an effort to encourage walking with Jesus as true disciples, offers a portion of what everyone needs for healthy relationships with God and each other. A personal relationship with Jesus starts with His invitation to all and is fulfilled in baptism, knowledge of scriptures and a complete prayer and sacramental life. 

An amazing thing about being Catholic is being blessed with seven sacraments! Sacraments are an outward sign, given by Christ, to communicate grace. YDM prepares the children and young adults of our parish for the sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation. In addition to classes, YDM offers service projects, enrichments, retreats, special events, and Masses.

If you are interested in serving with the Youth Discipleship ministry as a catechist, small group leader, or behind the scenes, please contact the or at 262-662-3317 with any questions.



Youth Discipleship Ministry Contact Information

Office Phone Number: 262-662-3317 

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