To make Disciples of all people by fostering a relationship with Christ through the Sacraments, formation, and fellowship.

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School visits and student shadowing can be scheduled at your convenience. 

Please contact the School Office at 262-662-2737 for more information.



St. Joseph kind of landed in our lap! Our plan was to send our son for K4 and then pull him out and go to the Waterford public school that was literally just a little over a mile from where we lived. I came in for a tour with the principal and an 8th grade student. I was blown away! I knew from the moment I stepped foot in that door that I wasn’t leaving!

Where do I begin? The entire staff is pure gold here! They as a whole go above and beyond regular class teaching. I loved the respect shown between the staff and students (both ways), the small class sizes, the freedom to talk about God, the gathering and scattering meetings, the uniforms, etc. I knew that this is where we belonged.

It took a little convincing to my husband! He was all set on the public school down the road that wasn’t going to cost us anything. He came to the open house and met everyone and he knew immediately as well that we had found a hidden gem. Since then, that son is in 6th grade and our other son is in 3rd. Not one day goes by that I ever doubt our decision of staying here. We feel like this was such a smart investment in our children and know that we’ve given them such a great foundation.

Dorian and Randy Dobrzynski