To make Disciples of all people by fostering a relationship with Christ through the Sacraments, formation, and fellowship.

Four Year Old Kindergarten (K4)

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Amy Cullinane - K4 Teacher

My Qualifications

I earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, with licensure to teach nursery school through sixth grade.

My Teaching Philosophy

"Let me play, and I will learn."

I strive to create a welcoming, nurturing environment where students can engage in learning at their own pace.  It is my job to set up opportunities that allow students to actively participate in their academic growth.  We do this through play, songs, art, movement and hands-on centers.  With partner activities, each student contributes to their own learning as well as the learning of others.

Why do I teach at St. Joe's?

I feel privileged to be able to teach and talk about God in my classroom.

Fun Facts about Me

I enjoy boating with my family in the summer, swim parties, being with friends, and walking my dog. 

What Others are Saying about Mrs. Cullinane

"Mrs. Cullinane made our son’s first school experience unforgettable.  The welcoming environment of her classroom made it a place he always wanted to go.  His days were filled with age-appropriate play and learning, where he has made tremendous growth in academics as well as in faith and friendship.  This strong start to school has set him up for success as he continues on his path of formation."

"Mrs. Cullinane is an amazing teacher!  Both of my children have been in her class.  She engages the children in a way that’s amazing.  I am so happy that she is a teacher at our school!!

"Mrs. Cullinane has done an excellent job getting my girls ready to read!  She does a great job engaging kids with what they are able to do and challenge them to do the next step (which can be quite the range in K4).  She is an excellent teacher!"

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