Seventh Grade

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Subjects studied in the seventh grade include the following :


Grade 7 focuses on the life, mission, good news, miracles, parables and good works of Jesus, and on developing personal relationships with Him. We study the Mass, the sacraments, the Beatitudes, the Works of Mercy and the examples of the saints who have practiced them. Supplimental to the curriculum is the "Faith Facts" program in which students prepare weekly for an annual, multi-school contest of games showcasing information about our Catholic faith. 

Language Arts:

Grammar, syntax, vocabulary, diagramming of sentences, and five to seven forms of writing are taught. Planning, drafting, writing, editing, revision skills are practiced in our weekly Writer's Workshop. Litarary analysis and listening skills are practiced daily with the introduction of a new "poem a day."


Poetry, drama, short stories and excerpts from novels are read and analyzed. A variety of viewpoints, authors, cultural perspectives are experienced. Our seventh and eighth grade book club meets twice weekly for student-led discussion circles, group, and individual responses to novels and non-fiction books. Assigned vocabulary lessons from a separate workbook are tested each Friday.


Grade 7 students provide safety supervision of younger students as Safety Cadets; provide Lunch Room services on a rotating basis; act as altar servers; and are available for service to teachers of primary grades, the school and the parish community. During the 2013-2014 year, seventh graders will be "Buddies" with K5 students, sitting with them at our weekly Gatherings, Scatterings and at Friday Liturgies. Seventh and eighth grade students also monitor the K4 students during the morning wait in the lunch room and during the K4 lunch period.