Marriage is a covenant relationship established through the free, informed consent of both a man and a woman.  It happens when two people who are free to marry and are physically and emotionally capable of marriage give themselves to each other, understanding that marriage means openness to life and commitment to faithful love till death.  The natural blessings of marriage are the companionship, mutual support and intimacy of the spouses plus the possibility of sharing in God’s creative, life-giving work–the procreation and education of children.

In preparation for this sacrement, couples must attend a FOCCUS meeting with another married couple who is trained to help support, guide and pray for the engaged couple.  After this meeting, they will meet with Fr. Kevin to set final detail of the marriage. 

Couples must call the parish office at least 6 months in advance of wedding date to ensure the preparation requirements for the sacrament are able to be met.